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Streamlining the Retail Banking Customer Experience with Seamless Integration

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Leverage biometrics for more satisfied, loyal customers

Retail banks are facing serious challenges in today’s customer-centric world. With the proliferation of mobile technology, customers expect unlimited access and a frictionless experience. At the same time, fraud and data breaches are becoming more prevalent and dangerous. This increase in account takeovers result in fewer returning customers and decreased loyalty, costing banks valuable business. Technology is at the center of improving bank’s operations and security, leading to more loyal customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many banks have turned to biometric authentication to give customers a more streamlined experience while mitigating fraud risk.
  • Biometric authentication adds a layer of security that is personalized to the user, minimizing the risk of account takeovers or fraud.
  • Customers are more likely to open and maintain an account at a bank where they know their information is secure and their time isn’t wasted.

Behavioral Biometrics Demo Video

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