It's Time to Close the In-store Data Gap

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Provide real-time, actionable insights to retailers

Art Peck, CEO of Gap, Inc., on a recent call with investors declared stores to be "the deepest form of customer engagement" and praised their value as "a source for an immense amount of customer data." And yet, retailers struggle to give in-store shoppers the personalized experiences they have come to expect online. By enriching their knowledge with in-store behavior sensing and advanced analytics, retailers can continually improve operational efficiency, deepen customer engagement, and boost their bottom line.

At a Glance:

  • How to leverage in-store customer data (non-PII)
  • How to differentiate customers' shopping experiences
  • How to utilize advanced analytics to optimize the in-store experience

What to Expect

Enhance marketing strategies

From data collection to store management, empower marketing effectiveness by analyzing customer behavior.

Transform the in-store experience

Provide digital signage, data analytics, and in-store sensing to personalize the customer journey and enrich the retailer’s knowledge.

Produce results across all areas

With customer behavior analytics, expect in-store traffic and sales to increase, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce operating expenses.

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