Powering Your Brand with Pop-ups

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How Pop-up Stores Power Up Your Brand

Go-to-market faster, easier, and better

Pop-ups are no fad - they've earned a place as an essential component in many brands' marketing tool kits. As retailers and brands struggle to differentiate their offerings and stay relevant with omni-channel shoppers, they need to provide captivating shopping experiences, both on and offline, while generating insights that inform smart decision-making down the road.

Learn how Pure Leaf collaborated with Barrows and Samsung SDSA to bring their brand to life for prospective customers. With the goal to trial new products with immediate human-to-human feedback, their week-long connected pop-up shop provided an increase of 193% in units sold from the previous year.

At a Glance:

  • How retailers are learning to address the ever-changing demands of consumers
  • How the pop-up shop has evolved to become an integral marketing vehicle
  • How Pure Leaf used a pop-up to effectively drive sales for a new product line

What to Expect

Keep up with consumer demands, evolve with pop-ups

Move pop-ups out of data darkness and create a more interactive, immersive, and connected customer experiences using state-of-the-art digital technology and analytics.

Ease stress and increase efficiency

Pop-up-as-a-service can help change the pop-up planning process into a faster, easier, and more efficient activity. Within a subscription service, configure a desired pop-up to fit preferences and also apply rich analytics.

Rival online shopping with personalized experiences

Use VR, AR, and interactive displays that allow visitors to engage freely and also immerse themselves with a brand or product story.

Pure Leaf Case Study

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