Taking the First Step Towards a Digital Dealership

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Rethink the Car-Buying Experience

Today, 71% of vehicle purchase decisions are made before the consumer even steps on the lot. Long gone are the days of customers visiting a showroom five or six times to get all the details about a vehicle from the salesperson before purchase. Today’s car buying experience starts with extensive online research, followed by some discussion, and a purchase. Dealerships can compete in this new car-buying environment, but they need to rethink the car-buying experience they provide to their customers to make it more compelling, more engaging, and more informative.

At a Glance:

  • How to build an immersive showroom experience
  • How to utilize customer behavior data for decision making
  • What the trending digital transformation options are in the dealership

What to Expect

Immerse your customers, encourage engagement

From self-service to personal configuration and information tablets, allow customers to interact with digital displays and go on their preferred journey through the showroom.

Content management simplified

Manage displays and stands from a centralized location to improve efficiency and content consistency in the dealership.

Utilize dashboards to enable better advertising and marketing

Create content-targeted promotions based on insights analyzed from customer journeys in the showroom. Accommodate for time of day, seasonality, and zone activity.

Nexshop Automotive Use Case Video

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