Optimizing the Dealership Experience to Drive Sales

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Create a Seamless, Interactive Car Buying Process

With consolidation increasing since 2008, OEMs and dealers throughout the retail automotive industry have been impacted by acquisitions, mergers, and other competitive pressures. The end result is the price of cars going up, but the revenue per unit on those vehicles going down. The ability to sell more cars is diminishing in favor of selling more aftermarket services. Now more than ever, especially as buying trends are in flux, the pressure of addressing customer needs is rising.

Purchasing and getting a vehicle delivered is now all possible online, pushing the in-dealership experience away from the car buying process. This on-demand webinar covers how dealerships can optimize their showroom floors to maximize sales, drive engagement, and improve operational efficiency.

At a Glance:

  • How technologies are being utilized to drive new customer adoption, better profitability, and higher sales
  • How to address next generation trends for millenials, Generation Z, and traditional buyers
  • What are the trends and technologies impacting retailers in the automotive space

What to Expect

Creating a seamless customer journey

Accommodate for recent retail trends by bringing customers numerous touch points throughout their car buying process that they can review not just in future trips to the dealership, but also at home.

Turn the dealership into an interactive hub

Interactive digital displays allow customers to find and configure their perfect vehicle even if it’s not on the showroom floor. The ability to save the content provides future trips to the dealership with some context if the consumer is ready to purchase.

Empower the dealership with analytics

With tools such as people counting, zone analysis, and heat mapping, management will be in a position to make smarter operational decisions to improve the customer experience based on real-time analytics. Optimize dealership layout and product placement to increase sales revenue.

Nexshop Automotive Use Case Video

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