How to Deploy an Analytics-driven Showroom

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Retail Data Analytics for a Data Driven Automotive Showroom

Drive sales with targeted campaigns and real-time insights

Dealership owners and marketing managers need to increase visibility of specific cars to specific audiences. Through targeted campaigns and real-time insights, you can ensure your message is reaching the right audience. Leveraging consumer data can show which cars are attracting more or less attention – enabling car dealerships to adjust in-store promotions accordingly.

At a Glance:

  • Gather information on buyer preferences to shape business decisions
  • Optimize on-going marketing strategies to drive more targeted audiences
  • Convert at a higher rate within the showroom

What to Expect

Immerse your customers, generate more leads

Better engagement in the car buying process can help meet the needs of not only the dealer and OEM, but also the customer.

Personalize the shopping journey for modern audiences

Analyze foot traffic, customer behavior, dwell time, and demographics to improve efficiency within the dealership.

Utilize dashboards to enable better advertising and marketing

Create content-targeted promotions based on insights analyzed from customer journeys in the showroom. Accommodate for time of day, seasonality, and zone activity.

Nexshop Automotive Use Case Video

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